The Walking Dead: Betrayal Pulled from Steam, Refunds Offered

Discover why The Walking Dead: Betrayal, a social deduction game, is being pulled from Steam and offering refunds. The developers cite difficulties in building the envisioned community of backstabbers. Learn how to get a refund if you purchased the game and find out more about its gameplay and reception.

The Walking Dead: Betrayal Pulled from Steam

The Walking Dead: Betrayal Pulled from Steam, Refunds Offered - -2122161786

The Walking Dead: Betrayal, a social deduction game that blended elements of The Walking Dead and Among Us, is being pulled from the Steam platform. The developers, Skybound Games and Other Ocean Interactive, have announced that they were unable to build the vibrant community of backstabbers they had envisioned.

Despite being available in Early Access since September, The Walking Dead: Betrayal never received a full release. This marks the second setback for the popular Walking Dead franchise this year, following the minor controversy surrounding the graphics of The Walking Dead: Destinies, which was released earlier in December.

What Was The Walking Dead: Betrayal?

The Walking Dead: Betrayal was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 as a unique social deduction game. It brought together the world of The Walking Dead with the popular gameplay mechanics of Among Us. In the game, players would work together in teams of Survivors to escape hordes of walkers.

However, what set The Walking Dead: Betrayal apart was the inclusion of Traitors, Survivors whose goal was to sabotage the team for their own success. This added a thrilling social element to the gameplay, where players had to be wary of their fellow teammates' true intentions.

Despite its promising concept, The Walking Dead: Betrayal received mixed reviews on Steam, with a modest number of reviews. While some players found the game enjoyable, others expressed disappointment in the dwindling player base and noted similarities to Other Ocean's previous game, Project Winter.

How to Get a Refund for The Walking Dead: Betrayal

If you purchased The Walking Dead: Betrayal through Steam, obtaining a refund is a straightforward process. Simply request a refund through the Steam platform, and the necessary steps will be provided to you.

For those who purchased the game through a retailer, it is advised to contact the specific retailer from which the game was purchased. They will be able to guide you through the refund process based on their policies and procedures.

More detailed information on the refund process can be found on The Walking Dead: Betrayal's store page, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for players seeking a refund.

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