The Day Before: A Disappointing Open World Survival MMO

Explore the rise and fall of The Day Before, an open world survival MMO that failed to live up to its promises. Learn about the technical issues, lack of engaging gameplay, and the closure of developers Fntastic. Find out why players were left disappointed and what this means for the future of the game.

The Hype and Anticipation

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The Day Before, an open world survival MMO developed by Fntastic, generated immense hype when its trailer was released two years ago. The captivating visuals and the promise of a post-pandemic American city filled with reactive zombie hordes had gamers eagerly awaiting its release.

As the most wishlisted game on Steam, expectations were sky-high for The Day Before. Players were excited about the prospect of an immersive MMO experience set in a desolate world.

Disappointment and Broken Promises

However, when The Day Before finally entered early access, it quickly became apparent that the game failed to live up to its promises. Instead of an expansive MMO, players found themselves in a more limited extraction shooter.

The author of the article shares their personal experience with the game, highlighting its empty husk-like nature and numerous technical issues. The lack of expected MMO features, such as meaningful quests and player interaction, left players feeling unsatisfied.

Server errors plagued the gameplay experience, and the city within the game felt empty and devoid of life. Looting items became a pointless endeavor, as the overall gameplay lacked excitement and engagement.

Technical Issues and Lackluster Gameplay

The Day Before was riddled with technical issues that hindered the overall experience. Players encountered server errors, which disrupted gameplay and led to frustration.

Moreover, the lack of player interaction and meaningful quests made the game feel empty and devoid of purpose. The city, which was supposed to be a thriving post-pandemic world, felt lifeless and uninteresting.

Combat was minimal, and encounters with zombies lacked the excitement and intensity that players had anticipated. The overall gameplay experience fell short of expectations, leaving players underwhelmed and dissatisfied.

The Closure of Fntastic

In a surprising turn of events, Fntastic announced their closure following the release of The Day Before. This decision came as a disappointment to players who had hoped for improvements and updates to the game.

Fntastic offered refunds to players who had purchased the game, acknowledging the shortcomings and the unfulfilled promises. The closure of the developers marked the end of The Day Before's journey, leaving players with mixed feelings and a sense of relief that the game is no longer available for purchase.

As players await their refunds, the future of The Day Before remains uncertain. Will another developer take up the challenge of reviving the game, or will it fade into obscurity as a cautionary tale for ambitious game projects?

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