The Day Before: A Disappointing Early Access Release

The Day Before, a highly anticipated open-world looter-shooter zombie MMO, has finally arrived on Steam Early Access. However, players are quickly discovering that the game falls far short of its initial promises. Developer Fntastic's ambitious vision has been replaced with a smaller-scale extraction shooter plagued with bugs and server issues. The gameplay lacks the open-world survival elements and satisfying combat that were showcased in early trailers. Progression feels meaningless, gun customization is underwhelming, and looting is a slow and tedious process. The game's user review score on Steam is overwhelmingly negative, with players expressing disappointment and frustration. While The Day Before may improve over time, it seems unlikely to fulfill the original MMO aspirations. If you were hoping for an engaging and immersive zombie survival experience, you may want to reconsider diving into The Day Before's Early Access version.

The Day Before: A Disappointing Early Access Release

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The highly anticipated release of The Day Before on Steam Early Access has left players feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding the game's ambitious open-world looter-shooter zombie MMO concept, players quickly realized that the actual experience falls far short of expectations.

From bugs and server issues to the lack of promised features, The Day Before's Early Access version fails to deliver on its initial promises.

Let's delve into the reasons behind the disappointment and explore what players are saying about the game.

A Smaller-Scale Extraction Shooter

Contrary to the original vision presented in early trailers, The Day Before is not the ambitious open-world MMO that was promised.

Instead, players are greeted with a much smaller-scale extraction shooter that lacks the depth and immersion of a true MMO experience.

Combat is lackluster, with players reporting laggy and unsatisfying encounters. The AI-controlled zombies are unintelligent and easily exploitable, diminishing the challenge.

Furthermore, the game's gun customization lacks variety, making every weapon feel the same. Loot is abundant and easily obtained, undermining the sense of progression.

It's clear that The Day Before has deviated significantly from its original concept, leaving players feeling underwhelmed and craving the promised MMO experience.

Bugs, Server Issues, and Frustrations

One of the major factors contributing to the disappointment surrounding The Day Before is the abundance of bugs and server issues.

Players have reported frequent crashes, game-breaking glitches, and frustrating moments where characters get stuck or fall through the floor.

These technical problems not only hinder the gameplay experience but also make it difficult for players to access the game, further adding to their frustrations.

It's disheartening to see a game with such potential marred by these issues, leaving players unable to fully enjoy The Day Before.

The Lack of Meaningful Progression

One of the key elements that sets successful games in this genre apart is the sense of meaningful progression.

Unfortunately, The Day Before falls short in this aspect. Players have expressed their disappointment in the lack of a compelling reason to progress in the game.

Gun customization is underwhelming, with little variation between weapons, and looting feels tedious and unrewarding.

Without satisfying progression mechanics, players are left feeling unmotivated to continue playing and exploring the game's world.

Overwhelmingly Negative User Reviews

The disappointment surrounding The Day Before is reflected in the overwhelmingly negative user reviews on Steam.

As of now, only 16 percent of reviews are positive, with players expressing their frustrations and dissatisfaction with the game.

From the lack of promised features to the abundance of bugs and technical issues, players have voiced their concerns and warned others about the current state of The Day Before.

It's clear that the initial excitement and anticipation for the game have been replaced with disappointment and regret.

The Future of The Day Before

While The Day Before's Early Access release has been met with disappointment, there is still a chance for the game to improve over time.

However, it's important to manage expectations and acknowledge that the game may never fully realize its original MMO aspirations.

Players who were hoping for an engaging and immersive zombie survival experience may need to reconsider their expectations and approach The Day Before as a smaller-scale extraction shooter.

Only time will tell if Fntastic can address the issues, listen to player feedback, and deliver a more satisfying experience in the future.

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