Say Goodbye to Your Clingy Pet Rock in Starfield Update 1.8.88

Bethesda has released update 1.8.88 for Starfield, addressing the long-standing bug of space matter sticking to your ship. With this update, players can finally say goodbye to their clingy pet rocks as they explore the Settled Systems. The patch also resolves other save-related issues and ensures that random guns spawn correctly in Weapon Cases. While the New Atlantis bug still persists, Bethesda promises a future fix for it. Download the update now and enjoy a bug-free space-exploring experience in Starfield!

Fixing the Clingy Pet Rock Bug

Say Goodbye to Your Clingy Pet Rock in Starfield Update 1.8.88 - 842606812

Bethesda has released update 1.8.88 for Starfield, bringing an end to the reign of the iconic clingy pet rock bug. This bug caused space matter to permanently attach to your ship, resulting in a less immersive space-exploring experience.

With the new patch, players can finally bid farewell to their beloved pet rocks. Upon loading a save, you will notice that the clingy asteroid is no longer present. However, if your pet rock took the form of New Atlantis, a fix for that will be released in a later update.

Update 1.8.88 ensures that any space matter stuck to your ship will be resolved, except for instances where player ships have New Atlantis attached. Bethesda is actively working to address this bug and provide a seamless gameplay experience for all Starfield players.

Additional Fixes and Improvements

Aside from fixing the clingy pet rock bug, update 1.8.88 also resolves other save-related problems. One of the issues addressed is the problem of random guns not spawning correctly in newly created Weapon Cases. This fix ensures that players can now properly find and use their weapons as intended.

For Microsoft players on PC, the update also addresses the problem of save-related crashes during lengthy playthroughs. This improvement provides a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience for Starfield players on the Microsoft platform.

The Future of Starfield Bug Fixes

While update 1.8.88 marks the end of the clingy pet rock bug, Bethesda acknowledges that the New Atlantis bug still persists. However, they assure players that a fix for this bug will be released in a later update. Players can look forward to exploring the Settled Systems without the city-sized companion attached to their ship.

Bethesda is committed to continuously improving Starfield and addressing any bugs or issues that may arise. They encourage players to stay updated with the latest patches and updates to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Fond Farewells and Memorable Moments

The announcement of the fix for the clingy pet rock bug has sparked humorous and nostalgic responses from Starfield players. Many players fondly remember their uninvited space matter companions and have even given them names like 'Balboa' and 'Asty the Asteroid'.

While saying goodbye to these faithful but uninvited rock companions may be bittersweet, players can now explore the vastness of space without any unwanted attachments. Share your own memorable moments and reactions to the fix for the clingy pet rock bug with the Starfield community.

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