Pac-12's Early Struggles in the NCAA Evaluation Tool Rankings

The first NET rankings of the 2023-24 season have been released, and the Pac-12 conference finds itself in a less than ideal position. With only three teams in the top-40, the conference is facing an uphill battle in the NCAA Evaluation Tool rankings. In this article, we'll explore the current standings, compare them to other conferences, and discuss the implications for the Pac-12's March Madness hopes.

Pac-12's Performance in the NET Rankings

A closer look at the Pac-12's standing in the NET rankings and its implications for March Madness.

Pac-12's Early Struggles in the NCAA Evaluation Tool Rankings - 1429091001

The Pac-12 conference has started the 2023-24 season with a less than stellar performance in the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) rankings. With only three teams in the top-40, the conference is facing an uphill battle to secure at-large bids for March Madness.

Compared to other conferences, such as the Big 12, SEC, and Big Ten, the Pac-12's representation in the top-40 is significantly lower. This early setback raises concerns about the conference's overall strength and competitiveness.

Arizona's Dominance in the Rankings

Analyzing Arizona's strong position in the NET rankings and their potential for continued success.

Leading the Pac-12 in the NET rankings is the Arizona Wildcats, currently ranked at No. 3. With a perfect 7-0 record, they have been dominant in their performances so far.

The Wildcats' strong showing in the rankings is a testament to their talent and potential. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their position at the top and solidify their chances for a deep March Madness run.

Challenges Faced by Other Pac-12 Teams

Examining the struggles of other Pac-12 teams in the NET rankings and their path to improvement.

While Arizona leads the way, other Pac-12 teams have not fared as well in the NET rankings. Washington State, Washington, and Oregon are among the teams currently ranked outside the top-40.

These teams face the challenge of improving their rankings and strengthening their resumes for March Madness consideration. With upcoming games against tough opponents, they have an opportunity to make a statement and climb up the rankings.

Implications for March Madness Selection

Discussing the impact of the Pac-12's early struggles in the NET rankings on their chances for March Madness selection.

The NET rankings play a crucial role in the March Madness selection process. Teams in the top-40 are generally considered safe for at-large bids, while those outside the top-40 face a more uncertain path.

With the Pac-12 currently lagging behind other conferences in the rankings, it puts their teams at a disadvantage when it comes to securing bids for the tournament. The conference will need a strong showing in conference play and notable non-conference victories to improve their chances.

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