New Content Update for Farming Simulator 23: Sugarcane and Specialized Machines

Welcome to the latest update for Farming Simulator 23! In this exciting release, we are thrilled to introduce new content that will enhance your virtual farming experience. Get ready to cultivate sugarcane crops and explore a range of specialized machines. Let's dive into the details and discover what this update has in store for you!

Introducing Sugarcane: A New Crop with Unique Benefits

Discover the exciting addition of sugarcane to Farming Simulator 23 and learn about its unique benefits for virtual farmers.

New Content Update for Farming Simulator 23: Sugarcane and Specialized Machines - -1998806229

Get ready to expand your crop selection with the introduction of sugarcane in Farming Simulator 23. This new crop brings some specific advantages that will enhance your virtual farming experience. Unlike other crops, sugarcane grows back after harvesting without the need for ploughing or cultivating. This means less time spent on preparing the field and more time for other farming activities.

To plant and harvest sugarcane, you'll need specialized equipment that is included in this update. Make sure to check out the new additions to the virtual dealership, including the Case IH - AUSTOFT 8800 MULTI-ROW, Gessner Industries - Two Row Billet Planter, Massey Ferguson - MF 3012, and Lizard - SWT 7 Harvester. These machines will help you efficiently manage your sugarcane crops and maximize your harvest.

Explore Specialized Machines from Gessner Industries

Discover the new specialized machines from Gessner Industries that have been added to Farming Simulator 23, expanding your options for efficient farming.

In addition to the sugarcane crop, Farming Simulator 23 introduces four new specialized machines, including two from Gessner Industries. These machines have been carefully designed to enhance your farming operations and provide you with more options for efficient and productive farming.


Available as an in-app purchase on mobile devices, the Case IH - AUSTOFT 8800 MULTI-ROW is a versatile machine that can handle multiple rows of crops. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a valuable addition to your farming fleet.

Gessner Industries - Two Row Billet Planter

Designed by the Australian agricultural manufacturer Gessner Industries, the Two Row Billet Planter is specifically tailored for efficient planting of crops. With its precision and reliability, this machine will help you achieve optimal planting results.

Massey Ferguson - MF 3012

The Massey Ferguson - MF 3012 is another notable addition to the lineup of specialized machines. This versatile machine offers advanced functionalities that will streamline your farming operations and increase your productivity.

Lizard - SWT 7 Harvester

The Lizard - SWT 7 Harvester is a powerful machine that will make harvesting a breeze. With its cutting-edge technology and robust design, this harvester ensures efficient and effective crop collection.

Continued Content Updates and Future Releases

Discover the commitment of GIANTS Software to deliver new content and updates for Farming Simulator 23, ensuring an engaging and evolving gaming experience.

At GIANTS Software, we are dedicated to providing our players with a dynamic and immersive gaming experience. Just like our previous Farming Simulator titles, we will continue to deliver new content and updates for Farming Simulator 23 on mobile devices.

Our team is constantly working on exciting additions to the game, including new crops, machines, and features that will further enhance your virtual farming adventures. Stay tuned for future updates and get ready to explore even more possibilities in Farming Simulator 23.

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