Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023: Recognizing Hidden Gems

Welcome to Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023, where we aim to recognize the hidden gems in the gaming industry. In a world where popular games often overshadow underappreciated masterpieces, we have created our own awards to showcase games that may not have received mainstream recognition. Join us as we delve into the unique categories and celebrate the games that deserve recognition for their innovation and creativity.

Recognizing Underappreciated Games

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Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023 are a response to the criticism often directed at mainstream game awards for favoring popular titles over hidden gems. We believe that there are many underappreciated games that deserve recognition for their innovation and creativity. Our awards aim to showcase these games and bring them into the spotlight.

By creating specific categories that highlight unique aspects of games, we can celebrate the titles that may not have the notoriety or scale to make it into the Game of the Year nominees. From oddly specific ending credits songs to low-stress aquarium idle games, our categories cover a wide range of genres and experiences.

Best Oddly Specific Ending Credits Song

One of the unique categories in Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023 is the 'Best Oddly Specific Ending Credits Song That’s Used Thematically Throughout the Game’s Story.' This category celebrates games that use a song during the credits that perfectly captures the essence of the game's narrative.

A standout title in this category is American Arcadia, a visually stunning game that seamlessly switches between different gameplay styles. It surprises players with its twists and turns, and the use of an original jazzy, orchestral song during the credits adds an extra layer of immersion and enjoyment.

Best Soundtrack In A Game

Another category in Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023 is 'Best Soundtrack In A Game I Can Give The Boys Cat Ears.' This category recognizes games that have outstanding soundtracks that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Octopath Traveler 2 is a game that stands out in this category. It not only offers improved gameplay and unique strategies but also features an excellent composition and performance from a live orchestra and chorus. The game's soundtrack plays with style, adding depth to the story beats and showcasing the genius tricks that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Recognizing Rising Content Creators

Hard Drive not only recognizes exceptional games but also acknowledges rising content creators who contribute to the gaming community. One such content creator is Sample, who has gained recognition for creating high-quality gaming challenge videos.

Sample's videos stand out due to their seamless blend of clear explanations of complicated gameplay and hilarious, original writing. Their ability to provide comprehensive breakdowns while keeping the content entertaining and engaging has captivated audiences and earned them a place of recognition in Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023.

Celebrating Unique Game Experiences

Hard Drive's Game Awards 2023 go beyond traditional categories and recognize games that offer unique and unconventional experiences. Categories like 'Best Game to Make Me Go 'What Even Is That?!' Every Few Minutes' and 'Best Game That I Will Beat You With Hammers If You Dislike It' showcase titles that push boundaries and offer something different.

Additionally, the category 'Best Low Stress Aquarium Idle Game That You Only Have to Check in on Every Few Days' highlights the appeal of games that provide a relaxing and casual experience. These categories bring attention to games that may not receive mainstream recognition but are deserving of praise for their innovation and ability to captivate players.

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