Gods Unchained Collaborates with Amazon Prime Gaming for Exclusive In-Game Content

Get ready for an epic collaboration between Gods Unchained and Amazon Prime Gaming! In this exciting partnership, Prime Gaming members can now access exclusive in-game content for the highly popular trading card game, Gods Unchained. As Season 2, 'Far Horizons,' launches with a new meta, visual enhancements, and the expansion set 'Tides of Fate,' players are in for a thrilling gaming experience. Let's dive into the details of this exciting collaboration and what it means for Gods Unchained enthusiasts.

Exclusive In-Game Content for Amazon Prime Gaming Members

Discover the exclusive in-game items available for Amazon Prime Gaming members in Gods Unchained.

Gods Unchained Collaborates with Amazon Prime Gaming for Exclusive In-Game Content - -736316222

Amazon Prime Gaming members are in for a treat with exclusive in-game content now available for Gods Unchained. By connecting their in-game accounts, Prime Gaming members gain monthly access to special items that enhance their gaming experience. This collaboration opens up new opportunities for Prime Gaming members to dive into the world of Gods Unchained and unlock unique features.

Imagine having access to exclusive items that give you an edge in battles, help you stand out from other players, and add a touch of excitement to your gameplay. With this collaboration, Amazon Prime Gaming members can now enjoy these benefits and take their Gods Unchained experience to the next level.

Season 2: Far Horizons and the Tides of Fate Expansion Set

Explore the new season and expansion set in Gods Unchained, bringing fresh gameplay elements and a captivating storyline.

Season 2 of Gods Unchained, named 'Far Horizons,' is here to shake up the meta and introduce exciting changes to the game. Players can expect a host of new God Powers, visually stunning enhancements, and the highly anticipated expansion set, 'Tides of Fate.'

In 'Tides of Fate,' players will be treated to 142 collectible cards and nine in-game-only 'chained' cards that add unique effects to gameplay. The expansion also introduces the innovative manasurge mechanic, where players can unleash powerful bonus effects by strategically spending mana. The new set also features a factional confrontation between Dragons and Mechs, where players actively contribute to their chosen side's success.

Get ready for an immersive gaming experience as you explore the captivating storyline of 'Far Horizons' and dive into the strategic gameplay offered by the 'Tides of Fate' expansion set.

Gods Unchained Content Creator Program

Learn about the exciting opportunities for content creators in the Gods Unchained community.

The Gods Unchained Content Creator Program is an exciting initiative that empowers the passionate community members to showcase their creativity and contribute to the game's lore and strategy. Content creators now have the chance to earn rewards, gain early access to new features, and increase their visibility within the community.

By participating in the program, content creators can earn $GODS tokens, with rewards ranging from 300 to 6,000 $GODS per month. Additionally, bonus rewards are allocated for reaching certain viewership milestones. This program not only recognizes the dedication of content creators but also fosters a vibrant and engaged community within Gods Unchained.

Join the Gods Unchained Content Creator Program and unleash your creativity while being rewarded for your contributions to the community.

Mobile Launch and Future Developments

Discover the plans for Gods Unchained's full launch on mobile devices and the exciting future developments.

Gods Unchained is gearing up for its full launch on mobile devices, expanding its reach to a wider audience of gaming enthusiasts. The pre-alpha release for Android-based smartphones earlier this year received an overwhelming response, with over 60,000 app sessions in less than 30 days.

To ensure a seamless mobile gaming experience, Immutable Games has partnered with iLogos, a leading mobile solutions provider. The mobile development team is working diligently to bring Gods Unchained to both Android and iOS devices, with a soft launch planned for later this year.

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated mobile launch of Gods Unchained and get ready to experience the game's immersive world and strategic gameplay on your mobile device.

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