Experience the Thrills of X8's Latest Update: New Map, XP Progression Recap, and In-App Purchasing System Enhancements

Welcome to the world of X8, the popular VR multiplayer hero shooter game. Thirdverse, Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of our latest major update, packed with thrilling additions that will take your gaming experience to new heights. Get ready to explore Map 5: Nautica, a mysteriously abandoned off-shore oil rig located in the Bermuda Triangle. This new map offers an intriguing setting with a history of mishaps and safety concerns. Proceed with caution as you embark on this thrilling adventure. But that's not all! We've also revamped the XP progression system to provide a more rewarding and streamlined path to mastery. Earn exciting rewards, level up, and showcase your skills like never before. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, the enhanced XP progression will keep you engaged and motivated to reach new heights. We've listened to our community's feedback and made important improvements to the in-app purchasing experience. Say goodbye to duplicate weapons and enjoy a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience. Confirm your vault equipment after purchase and make the most out of your in-game purchases. Join the X8 community and experience the ultimate multiplayer hero shooter game. With its cross-platform play, you can team up with players from Meta Quest and Steam for intense 5v5 battles. X8 is available as a free-to-play game on the Quest Store, and for just $9.99 on Steam with the Starter pack. Don't miss out on the action! Download X8 now and immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of VR multiplayer hero shooting. Stay connected with us on our social media channels for the latest updates, news, and community discussions. Let the battle begin! Download now: Meta Quest: [link] Steam: [link] Website: [link] Follow us on: Discord: [link] Twitter: [link] Facebook: [link] Instagram: [link] Youtube: [link] TikTok: [link]

Explore Map 5: Nautica - A Mysterious Off-Shore Oil Rig

Experience the Thrills of X8's Latest Update: New Map, XP Progression Recap, and In-App Purchasing System Enhancements - -625149270

Dive into the depths of the Bermuda Triangle and uncover the secrets of Map 5: Nautica. This abandoned off-shore oil rig offers a unique and mysterious setting for intense battles. With a history of mishaps and safety concerns, every step you take on this map is filled with suspense and excitement.

Explore the eerie corridors, navigate through the rusted machinery, and be prepared for unexpected encounters. The developers have meticulously crafted every detail to create an immersive and atmospheric experience. Will you be able to uncover the truth behind the mysteries of Nautica?

Experience Enhanced XP Progression

The latest update brings significant improvements to the XP progression system in X8. Leveling up has never been more rewarding and streamlined. Earn XP by participating in battles, completing challenges, and achieving objectives. As you progress, you'll unlock exciting rewards such as new weapons, skins, and customization options.

With the revamped XP progression system, you'll have a clear path to mastery. The developers have listened to player feedback and fine-tuned the progression to ensure a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, the enhanced XP progression will keep you motivated to reach new heights and showcase your skills.

Enhanced In-App Purchasing System

We understand the importance of a seamless in-app purchasing experience, and that's why we've made important improvements based on player feedback. Say goodbye to duplicate weapons and frustrating purchases. With the enhanced in-app purchasing system, you can now confirm your vault equipment after purchase, ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

Shop with confidence and explore a wide range of weapons, equipment, and customization options. The improved system guarantees a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience, allowing you to focus on what you love most - the thrilling battles in X8.

Join the X8 Community for Intense Multiplayer Battles

X8 offers an immersive multiplayer hero shooter experience that brings players together from different platforms. Engage in intense 5v5 battles and test your skills against a diverse community of players. Whether you're playing on Meta Quest or Steam, X8's cross-platform play ensures that you'll always find opponents to challenge.

Join the X8 community and connect with fellow gamers on our social media channels. Share strategies, discuss updates, and participate in exciting events. The X8 community is vibrant and welcoming, offering a space for players to connect, compete, and have fun. Are you ready to join the ranks of X8's elite warriors?

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