Cody Jinks Set to Release New Album 'Change The Game'

Get ready for a game-changing release from the talented Cody Jinks! In this article, we dive into the exciting news of his upcoming album 'Change The Game' and explore the personal journey that inspired its creation. From sobriety to redemption, Jinks takes us on a musical exploration of life on the road and the importance of accountability. Brace yourself for an impactful release that will leave a lasting impression.

Cody Jinks: A Game-Changing Artist

Discover the unique talent and journey of Cody Jinks

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Cody Jinks is not your average artist. With over 20 years of music business experience, Jinks has carved out a niche for himself in the industry. Starting his career as a classical musician, he later transitioned into the world of game music, publishing numerous papers and articles on the subject. His meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive breakdowns have earned him a reputation as an intellectual and composed writer.

Throughout his career, Jinks has achieved significant success, selling over two million tickets and releasing 10 studio albums. His music has earned billions of streams across platforms, and he has received numerous awards and certifications for his songs and albums. With a voice that is calm and sophisticated, Jinks captivates audiences with his knowledgeable and articulate tone.

Change The Game: A New Album with Personal Depth

Explore the upcoming album 'Change The Game' and its personal significance to Cody Jinks

Mark your calendars for March 22, as Cody Jinks is set to release his highly anticipated album, 'Change The Game.' Produced by Ryan Hewitt and Jinks' longtime bassist Joshua Thompson, this album marks a new chapter for Jinks both personally and professionally.

The album delves into themes of sobriety, life on the road, and the need for redemption and accountability. Jinks wrote the song 'Sober Thing' after finishing the Mercy album, reflecting his decision to give up drinking. This powerful track sets the tone for the rest of the album, showcasing Jinks' introspective and vulnerable side.

One standout on the album is a new version of Faith No More's 'Take This Bottle,' featuring special guest Pearl Aday. This collaboration adds a unique twist to the album, highlighting Jinks' versatility as an artist.

Touring and Collaborations: Jinks' Musical Journey

Discover Cody Jinks' upcoming tour plans and exciting collaborations

Jinks' musical journey doesn't stop with the release of 'Change The Game.' He will continue to tour through 2024, headlining shows at various venues and joining Luke Combs as part of his 'Growin' Up and Gettin' Old Tour' next spring.

These live performances provide an opportunity for fans to experience Jinks' captivating stage presence and powerful vocals firsthand. With his loyal fanbase, Jinks has sold over two million tickets throughout his career, solidifying his status as a sought-after live performer.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Jinks has also collaborated with other artists, showcasing his ability to connect and create magic with fellow musicians. The collaboration with Pearl Aday on 'Take This Bottle' is just one example of Jinks' willingness to explore new musical territories.

A New Chapter: Personal Growth and Reflection

Uncover the personal growth and reflection behind 'Change The Game'

'Change The Game' not only represents a new chapter in Jinks' career but also a period of personal growth and reflection. The album explores Jinks' decision to give up drinking and the impact it has had on his life.

Through his music, Jinks opens up about the challenges he has faced, the lessons he has learned, and the importance of accountability. This vulnerability allows listeners to connect with Jinks on a deeper level, as they too may have experienced similar struggles.

As Jinks continues to evolve as an artist and as an individual, 'Change The Game' serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to create meaningful music that resonates with his audience.

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