Unveiling the Journey of Kohei Tanaka: From Anime and Games to Global Recognition

Embark on a captivating journey as we delve into the career of Kohei Tanaka, the brilliant composer known for his mesmerizing anime and game soundtracks. From facing skepticism to attaining global recognition, Tanaka's story is a testament to the power of following one's passion. Join us as we explore his remarkable journey and the impact of his compositions on a global scale.

Choosing a Path: Anime and Games Over Live Action

Explore Kohei Tanaka's bold decision to specialize in anime and game soundtracks instead of scoring live action dramas and films.

When Kohei Tanaka embarked on his musical journey, he faced a crucial decision that would shape his career. Despite being advised otherwise, he chose to focus exclusively on composing for anime and game titles, refusing offers to score live action dramas and films. This unconventional choice raised eyebrows and invited skepticism, but Tanaka remained steadfast in his pursuit.

Looking back, Tanaka affirms the wisdom of his decision. He asserts that the easiest way for a Japanese musician to gain global recognition today is through anime and game compositions. As evidence, he highlights the achievement of YOASOBI, the first Japanese musicians to top the US Billboard charts with an anime opening theme.

Tanaka's conviction in his chosen path has been validated by his extensive experience performing the 'One Piece Concert' and 'Kohei Tanaka Live' in over 20 countries. These concerts have consistently drawn packed audiences, regardless of the venue or scale of the event. The overwhelming response from fans worldwide is a testament to the immense popularity of Japanese anime and games.

Global Recognition: A Dream Come True

Discover the joy and honor Kohei Tanaka experiences as his compositions receive global recognition and admiration.

For Kohei Tanaka, the realization of his dream lies in the widespread recognition and appreciation of his compositions on a global scale. The 'One Piece Concert' and 'Kohei Tanaka Live' events have provided him with countless moments of happiness and honor.

One of the most gratifying aspects for Tanaka is witnessing fans from different countries singing along to his songs in Japanese. This shared love for the music transcends language barriers and creates a powerful connection among attendees.

Moreover, the standing ovations and heartfelt emotions displayed by fans during signings have left a lasting impact on Tanaka. The sheer energy and enthusiasm of 3000 fans in Los Angeles' Dolby Theater nearly overwhelmed him, a testament to the profound impact his compositions have on people's lives.

Embracing Anime and Games: A Gateway to International Recognition

Delve into the reasons why being an anime and game composer or singer opens doors to international acclaim for Japanese musicians.

Kohei Tanaka highlights the unique position that anime and game composers and singers hold in the global music industry. He asserts that these artists have a higher chance of gaining international recognition compared to their counterparts in other genres.

As an example, Tanaka points to the groundbreaking achievement of YOASOBI, whose anime opening theme topped the US Billboard charts. This success serves as a testament to the growing influence and popularity of anime music worldwide.

Tanaka's own experiences performing across different countries have solidified his belief in the universal appeal of Japanese anime and game soundtracks. The packed concerts and enthusiastic reception from fans reaffirm the significant role these compositions play in captivating audiences worldwide.

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