The Fast Journey: A Platforming Adventure with Room for Improvement

Embark on an exciting platforming adventure with The Fast Journey. In this review, we delve into the game's mechanics, level design, and overall experience. Join us as we explore the ups and downs of this game and discuss its potential for improvement.

The Gameplay Experience

Explore the mechanics and challenges of The Fast Journey

The Fast Journey: A Platforming Adventure with Room for Improvement - -407355482

The Fast Journey offers a platforming experience that showcases the developer's growth. While the controls may have some issues, such as erratic double-jumping and unreliable collision detection, the game still manages to provide an enjoyable adventure.

The platforming mechanics, reminiscent of classic Mario-style games, allow players to jump and double-jump as they navigate through the levels. However, the double-jump can be unpredictable at times, leading to frustrating moments. Additionally, the collision detection can feel inconsistent, affecting the player's ability to successfully land on enemies or avoid hazards.

Despite these flaws, The Fast Journey introduces a unique element with its ranged combat. The lances found throughout the game offer a satisfying and powerful way to defeat enemies. The limited availability of lances adds an element of strategy, forcing players to use them wisely.

While the game lacks a significant challenge and can be completed quickly, it does show potential for improvement. With further refinement of the controls, level design, and boss battles, future games from the developer could truly shine.

Level Design and Variety

Discover the imaginative level layouts and obstacles in The Fast Journey

The Fast Journey introduces some level layouts that showcase creativity and offer unique challenges. Unlike the developer's previous games, The Rabbit Crazy Adventure and Gabriel's Worlds The Adventure, this game presents more imaginative and tricksy level designs.

Players will encounter multiple routes within levels, with some paths requiring precise platforming skills to bypass slower routes. The twelve levels feature a variety of obstacles, including toucans that serve as both enemies and platforms, thwomps, flaming platforms, and rotating balls and chains.

While the level designs are not groundbreaking, they do provide enough variation to keep players engaged. The sequential use of different obstacles tests players' finger dexterity and offers a step up from other budget titles.

The Need for Polish

Addressing the shortcomings of The Fast Journey

Despite the improvements in gameplay mechanics and level design, The Fast Journey still falls short of our expectations for a quality game on the Xbox Store. The controls, particularly the double-jump and collision detection, hinder the overall experience.

Furthermore, the game's brevity is a notable drawback. With only twelve short levels and skippable bosses, it may leave players wanting more. The lack of challenge, especially in boss battles, further contributes to the game's underwhelming nature.

While the developer shows promise, there is a need for further refinement in various aspects, including controls, level design, and overall content. With these improvements, future games from the developer could reach a higher standard.

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