Swintt Partners with Guts Casino to Expand Presence in Malta

In a thrilling development for the iGaming industry, Swintt has officially partnered with Guts Casino, owned by the renowned Betsson Group. This collaboration aims to expand Swintt's presence in Malta, the MGA regulated market, while offering Guts Casino players an exceptional selection of top-quality gaming content. Let's delve into the details of this exciting partnership and explore the benefits it brings to both companies and players alike.

Expanding Presence in Malta

Swintt's strategic partnership with Guts Casino aims to solidify its presence in the MGA regulated market and attract a new audience from Malta.

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Swintt's entry into a partnership with Guts Casino marks an exciting milestone for both companies. By joining forces, they aim to expand their presence in Malta, a key market regulated by the MGA. This collaboration will allow Swintt to showcase its exceptional gaming content to a new audience, while Guts Casino will benefit from the addition of top-quality titles to its portfolio.

With carefully selected titles from Swintt's premium catalogs, including the popular slot 'Book of Shai' that takes players on an adventure through ancient Egypt, Guts Casino players can expect a diverse range of gaming experiences. The partnership will not only enhance the player experience but also strengthen Swintt's position in the market as a Malta-based company.

Tailored Gaming Content

Discover how Swintt's SwinttPremium and SwinttGames catalogs offer a unique blend of classic and modern slots, providing players with a wide variety of gaming options.

Swintt's SwinttPremium and SwinttGames catalogs are packed with an exceptional mix of classic and modern slots. The SwinttGames catalog features contemporary sounds, graphics, and thrilling bonus features, all combined with one-of-a-kind themes.

Players can look forward to experiencing the popular slot 'Book of Shai' from the SwinttGames catalog, which invites them to embark on an adventure through ancient Egypt. This visually stunning game offers an immersive gaming experience with its captivating graphics and exciting bonus features.

On the other hand, the SwinttPremium catalog offers a variety of classic games that include favorite fruit-symbols, easy-to-trigger free spins, and simple mechanics. One of the standout titles in this catalog is 'Extra Win X,' a classic fruit machine-inspired slot that offers players the chance to generate wins both ways across the grid, along with the potential for big wins.

Benefits for Guts Casino

Learn how Guts Casino will benefit from this partnership by offering its players a diverse range of top-quality gaming content from Swintt.

Guts Casino, already an established operator in the MGA market, will further enhance its portfolio by adding Swintt's top-quality gaming content. This collaboration allows Guts Casino to offer its players a diverse range of titles, ensuring there is something for everyone.

By partnering with Swintt, Guts Casino can attract new players and improve player commitment by introducing new and unseen content to its portfolio. This partnership will contribute to Guts Casino's upward trajectory as a leading online casino in the MGA market.

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