Record-Breaking NFL Viewership Expected on Amazon Prime Video: Jets vs Dolphins

Even with journeyman Tim Boyle under center for the New York Jets, Friday’s matchup with the Miami Dolphins could set a new record for NFL viewership on Amazon’s Prime Video service. Amazon has seen a 26% increase in viewership this year, and this game is expected to be the most-watched yet. Discover how Amazon is making this game accessible to millions and enhancing the viewing experience for fans.

Record-Breaking Viewership on Amazon Prime Video

Discover why the matchup between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins is expected to break records on Amazon Prime Video.

Record-Breaking NFL Viewership Expected on Amazon Prime Video: Jets vs Dolphins - -1340528325

With journeyman Tim Boyle leading the New York Jets, the upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins is generating a buzz. Amazon's Prime Video service is making the game available to anyone with a free Amazon account, setting the stage for a potential record-breaking NFL viewership. In fact, this game has a good chance of surpassing the 15.1 million average viewers who tuned in for the season's first Thursday Night Football game.

Amazon has seen a significant increase in viewership this year, with over 12.2 million fans watching on average. Now, with a 3 p.m. ET kickoff, the game aligns perfectly with Amazon's biggest weekend of the year. This presents an opportunity for Amazon to establish a new annual tradition of delivering high-quality NFL games to its customers.

Enhanced Viewing Experience on Amazon Prime Video

Learn how Amazon is enhancing the viewing experience for fans during the Jets vs Dolphins game.

Amazon is going above and beyond to make the Jets vs Dolphins game a memorable experience for viewers. They are extending their shoulder programming, with a pregame conversation hosted by Charissa Thompson. The game itself will be called by Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit, along with sideline reporter Kaylee Hartung.

In addition, Amazon is offering an explicitly kid-friendly alternate broadcast anchored by the popular group, Dude Perfect. And after the game, viewers can enjoy the first Black Friday Amazon Music Live special featuring a Garth Brooks show on Prime Video and Twitch.

To further engage viewers, Amazon will roll out an increased number of interactive video ads during the broadcast. These ads will tease product drops from well-known brands like TCL, Dyson, Lego, and Nintendo. The goal is to provide a seamless viewing experience while also offering opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience.

Future Opportunities and Rotating Locations

Explore the potential for future Black Friday games and the NFL's approach to rotating locations for big events.

The NFL has received interest from multiple teams wanting to host the annual Black Friday game. However, the league is currently focused on evaluating the success of this year's game before making any decisions. They have been exploring the idea of rotating the location of big events, including the Super Bowl and NFL Draft.

By rotating the location, the NFL aims to provide opportunities for different teams and cities to host these marquee games. This approach adds excitement and variety to the schedule, ensuring that fans across the country get a chance to experience these special events.

How to Watch the Jets vs Dolphins Game

Find out where and how you can stream the Jets vs Dolphins game on Black Friday.

Watching the Jets vs Dolphins game on Black Friday is easy and accessible. You can tune in using Amazon's Prime Video app on smart TVs, mobile devices, or set-top boxes. The game will also be available directly on and through the NFL app on phones and tablets.

For viewers in the New York and Miami markets, the game will be broadcasted on over-the-air TV stations. Additionally, a Spanish-language feed will be available for those who prefer to watch the game in Spanish. Amazon is ensuring that fans have multiple options to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes.

Upcoming NFL Games on Amazon Prime in 2023

Mark your calendars for the exciting NFL games coming to Amazon Prime in 2023.

After the Black Friday game, Amazon will continue its Thursday Night Football schedule with a highly anticipated matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys on November 30th. Fans can also look forward to the following scheduled games:

  • New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers on December 7th
  • Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders on December 14th
  • New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams on December 21st
  • New York Jets at Cleveland Browns on December 28th

It's important to note that the NFL has the flexibility to swap up to two Thursday Night Football games with other matchups scheduled for that week. This allows the league to adapt and provide the most compelling games to viewers. Keep an eye out for any potential changes to the schedule as the season progresses.

Thanksgiving Football Games

Discover the exciting NFL games scheduled for Thanksgiving and how they compare to the Black Friday matchup.

While the Black Friday matchup is expected to draw significant viewership, the Thanksgiving games hold a special place in the hearts of NFL fans. The Thanksgiving schedule includes:

  • Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions at 12:30 p.m. ET (Fox)
  • Washington Commanders at Dallas Cowboys at 4:30 p.m. ET (CBS)
  • San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks at 8:20 p.m. ET (NBC)

These Thanksgiving games have become a tradition, and fans eagerly anticipate the matchups each year. It's a day filled with football, family, and delicious food, making it a cherished holiday for football enthusiasts.

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