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The Lamplighters League is set to captivate gamers with its stunning soundtrack. Composed by the talented Jon Everist, the music evokes a sense of awe and beautiful horror, perfectly complementing the game's mysterious world. Join me as we explore the mesmerizing melodies and discover the inspiration behind this remarkable score.

Embark on a Musical Journey

Let the enchanting music of The Lamplighters League transport you to a whole new world.

Step into the immersive world of The Lamplighters League and allow the captivating soundtrack to whisk you away on a magical journey. From the moment you hit play, you'll be transported to the atmospheric and mysterious world of Del Vastos Landing. With the music filling your ears, you'll feel like a true hero, fighting against the sinister forces that threaten the realm.

The composition by Jon Everist strikes the perfect balance of haunting and moving melodies. Every note unfolds like a carefully crafted story, captivating your emotions and enhancing the immersive experience. Whether you're exploring the exhilarating battles or unraveling the mysteries of the Scions, the music intensifies the impact of each moment.

Unveiling the Composer's Inspiration

Discover the inspiring narrative behind the mesmerizing compositions of The Lamplighters League.

Delve deeper into the creative process behind The Lamplighters League's exceptional soundtrack and gain insights into composer Jon Everist's incredible inspiration. Everist masterfully captures the essence of the game's world, painting a vivid backdrop that perfectly complements the gameplay itself.

With the music of Del Vastos Landing, the safehouse and hideout for players, Everist sought to convey a powerful s. The awe and beautiful horror that characterizes the first glimpse of the unexplained but undeniable events witnessed by the game's characters resonate through the emotional depth of the strings and full choir. The result is both captivating and goosebump-inducing.

Composing the Core Emotion:

To create a sense of awe, Everist carefully orchestrated the music to generate a unique feeling. Players might find themselves contemplating their recent achievements or failures while planning their next move in the fight against the Scions and their malevolent forces.

Inspiration From the Inexplicable:

Much like the players who uncover astonishing and indescribable realms in the game, Everist explores the concept of witnessing something completely unexplainable yet undeniably real. This otherworldliness which the characters experience echoes through every note, leaving players captivated by the beauty and horror of this forbidden knowledge.

Pre-Save the Spellbinding Soundtrack

Experience the haunting melodies of The Lamplighters League with the pre-save links to the mesmerizing soundtrack.

Immerse yourself further in the unforgettable world of The Lamplighters League by pre-saving the mesmerizing soundtrack composed by Jon Everist. Enter the realm of Del Vastos Landing and secure your spot amidst the compelling melodies and chilling harmonies before embarking on this breathtaking journey.


The Lamplighters League captures the essence of a truly immersive gaming experience by perfectly weaving captivating music into its atmospheric world. Jon Everist's spellbinding compositions enhance every moment, pulling players deeper into the game's enchanting narrative.

As the haunting melodies accompany your adventures in Del Vastos Landing, you will be transported to a place of awe and beautiful horror, just like the characters within the game. The music serves as a powerful and evocative backdrop, leaving a lasting impression and elevating the overall gaming experience.

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