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In this review, I will delve into the world of Rayland 2, an isometric puzzle game that combines simple mechanics with increasingly challenging levels. Join me as I explore the gameplay, discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and determine if it's a game worth your time. Additionally, I'll highlight its appeal to achievement hunters seeking to boost their Gamerscore.

Gameplay Mechanics: Simple Yet Challenging

Explore the core mechanics of Rayland 2 and discover how its simplicity blends with increasing challenges.

The gameplay of Rayland 2 revolves around directing lasers across various square-shaped levels. With blocks that emit lasers and targets to hit, players must strategically place and rotate cubes to redirect the lasers to their destinations.

As the levels progress, the mechanics expand with the introduction of different colored lasers and temporary barriers. While the early levels are relatively simple, the difficulty ramps up towards the end with the inclusion of multiple lasers of the same color.

Despite its simplicity, Rayland 2 offers a satisfying challenge that keeps players engaged throughout the game.

Aesthetics and Level Design: Lack of Variety

Discover the visual aspect of Rayland 2 and how the lack of variety in aesthetics and level design affects the overall experience.

While Rayland 2 features an isometric view and cube-based levels, the lack of variety in aesthetics and level design becomes noticeable as the game progresses. With the same overall shape and color palette, the levels tend to blend together, reducing the visual impact.

Introducing more varied colors or altering the color palette of the levels could have enhanced the visual appeal and made each level feel more distinct.

Despite this drawback, the game's simplicity still shines through and allows players to focus on the puzzle-solving aspect.

Challenge and Replayability: A Slow Payoff

Delve into the level of challenge offered by Rayland 2 and explore its replayability factor.

Rayland 2 presents a gradual increase in challenge, with the final levels offering a satisfying difficulty that is not overly frustrating. However, the majority of the puzzles throughout the game are relatively easy, limiting the game's overall appeal.

Replayability is absent in Rayland 2, as once the game is completed, there is little reason to revisit the puzzles. While the solutions may vary slightly, the overall gameplay remains the same.

Despite its shortcomings, Rayland 2 does offer a decent challenge for those seeking to test their puzzle-solving skills, albeit with a slow payoff.

Appeal to Achievement Hunters: Gamerscore Galore

Uncover the appeal of Rayland 2 to achievement hunters and its generous offering of Gamerscore.

For achievement hunters, Rayland 2 provides an enticing opportunity to boost their Gamerscore. With a 100% Gamerscore collection achievable in under an hour and a total of 2000 Gamerscore on offer, it presents a quick and rewarding gaming experience.

While the reasons behind the inclusion of such a high Gamerscore are unclear, it certainly adds value for achievement hunters looking to increase their score.

Rayland 2 may not offer extensive replayability, but it serves as a viable option for achievement hunters seeking a quick and fulfilling gaming session.


Rayland 2 offers a mix of simple mechanics and challenging levels in an isometric puzzle game. While the gameplay may start off straightforward, it gradually introduces additional elements such as different colored lasers and temporary barriers, adding depth to the puzzles.

However, the lack of variety in aesthetics and level design, as well as the overall ease of the majority of the puzzles, limits the game's appeal. It may provide a decent challenge for achievement hunters seeking to boost their Gamerscore, but for puzzle game enthusiasts, it may fall short in terms of engaging gameplay and replayability.

If you're looking for a quick gaming experience with the potential for achievement hunting, Rayland 2 could be a suitable choice. However, for those seeking a more immersive and challenging puzzle game, there are other options available.


How long does it take to complete Rayland 2?

On average, it takes about one to two hours to complete all 50 levels of Rayland 2.

Is there any replayability in Rayland 2?

Unfortunately, Rayland 2 lacks replayability as the solutions to the puzzles remain the same after completion. There is little incentive to revisit the game once finished.

Are there any additional challenges in Rayland 2?

The game gradually increases in difficulty, with the final levels offering a more challenging experience. However, the majority of the puzzles are relatively easy, especially in the earlier stages.

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