NY Giants look like a broken team in embarrassing Monday night loss to Seahawks

In Monday night's game, the Giants suffered a devastating loss to the Seahawks. This article provides a comprehensive breakdown of the game, highlighting key moments and challenges faced by the team. Additionally, we will analyze the implications of this loss for the Giants' upcoming games against Miami and Buffalo.

Jones' Costly Pick 6: A Crushing Blow for the Giants

Analyzing the pivotal moment that dashed the Giants' hopes of a comeback

Daniel Jones' interception and subsequent Pick 6 by Seahawks rookie cornerback Devon Witherspoon was a turning point in the game. The pass, fired behind Parris Campbell, was intercepted and returned 97 yards for a touchdown. This devastating play crushed any hopes of a Giants comeback and highlighted the struggles faced by Jones throughout the game.

The interception was Jones' second turnover of the night, with the first being a strip sack that resulted in a Seahawks touchdown. This game-changing play showcased the regression in Jones' performance compared to his impressive season last year. The Giants' offensive struggles were further exacerbated by frustration and disappointment.

How did this interception impact the Giants' momentum? Can Jones bounce back from this setback in future games?

Giants' Lackluster First Half: A Disappointing Display

Examining the breakdowns in all facets of the game for the Giants

The Giants' performance in the first half was nothing short of disappointing. They were booed off the field by frustrated fans, reflecting the breakdowns in all three facets of the game. A fumble by Daniel Jones led to Seattle's first touchdown, while missed tackles on a third-and-long contributed to the Seahawks' second touchdown.

Throughout the season, the Giants have struggled in the first half, being outscored 77-9. This game was no exception, with Graham Gano's 55-yard field goal being the only saving grace. The team's lackluster performance raises questions about their ability to compete and make necessary adjustments.

How can the Giants improve their first-half performance in future games? What specific areas need to be addressed to avoid these breakdowns?

Jones and the Offensive Line: Under Siege by the Seahawks

Analyzing the Seahawks' relentless pass rush and its impact on Daniel Jones

The Seahawks' pass rush wreaked havoc on the Giants' offensive line, sacking Daniel Jones a staggering 11 times. This relentless pressure made Jones appear a shadow of his former self, unable to showcase the skills that earned him a lucrative contract last season.

Despite the Giants' offensive line facing challenges, it's important to note that the Seahawks also had their share of injuries on the defensive front. Both teams struggled with the loss of key players, but it was the Seahawks' defense that capitalized on the Giants' vulnerabilities.

What can the Giants do to better protect Jones and improve the performance of their offensive line? How can they counteract the impact of opposing defenses in future games?

Special Teams Woes: Costly Penalties Haunt the Giants

Examining the numerous penalties committed by the Giants' special teams

The Giants' special teams units were flagged for an alarming six penalties throughout the game. These costly mistakes hindered the team's progress and created additional challenges to overcome.

Penalties in crucial moments can shift the momentum of a game and put the team at a disadvantage. The Giants must address their discipline issues and find ways to minimize these mistakes in future games.

How can the Giants improve their discipline on special teams and avoid these costly penalties? What impact did these penalties have on the outcome of the game?


In Monday night's game, the Giants suffered a devastating loss to the Seahawks. Key moments, such as Daniel Jones' Pick 6 and the Giants' lackluster first half, showcased the team's struggles and the challenges they face moving forward. The relentless pass rush by the Seahawks and costly penalties on special teams further compounded the Giants' difficulties.

As the Giants embark on upcoming road trips to Miami and Buffalo, it is crucial for the team to address their weaknesses and make necessary adjustments. The offensive line must find ways to better protect Jones, and the special teams units need to improve their discipline to avoid costly penalties. Only through introspection and improvement can the Giants hope to turn their season around.


How can the Giants bounce back from this devastating loss?

The Giants can bounce back from this loss by analyzing their mistakes, making necessary adjustments, and focusing on improving their performance. It is crucial for the team to address their weaknesses, particularly in areas such as protecting the quarterback and minimizing penalties. Additionally, the coaching staff should provide guidance and support to the players, fostering a positive and resilient mindset.

What are the key takeaways from this game for the Giants?

The key takeaways from this game for the Giants include the need to improve their first-half performance, address the challenges faced by the offensive line, and enhance discipline on special teams. The team must also evaluate the performance of Daniel Jones and identify areas for growth and development. Overall, this loss serves as a wake-up call for the Giants, highlighting the areas that require immediate attention and improvement.

What are the implications of this loss for the Giants' upcoming games?

This loss has significant implications for the Giants' upcoming games against Miami and Buffalo. It puts added pressure on the team to perform and secure victories to regain momentum and confidence. The Giants must learn from their mistakes and approach these games with a sense of urgency. They must utilize this experience as motivation to rectify their weaknesses and showcase their potential.

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