India vs Bangladesh Asian Games 2023 men's hockey Live updates: IND beat BAN 12-0 to top Pool A table

In an impressive display of skill and teamwork, the Indian men's hockey team clinched a resounding victory of 12-0 against Bangladesh in the Asian Games. This triumph solidified India's position in the semifinals. Let's delve into the highlights of this thrilling encounter and learn how India secured their spot in the next round.

India's Strong Start: Harmanpreet's Hat-trick in the Early Quarter

Read about India's dominating start as Harmanpreet Singh converts two early penalty corners to secure a hat-trick in the first quarter.

In a display of sheer brilliance, India initiated the match with a strong impact. Harmanpreet Singh, the seasoned skipper, showcased his exceptional penalty corner execution skills, netting two goals in quick succession.

With remarkable precision and power, Singh completed his formidable hattrick, dominating the scoreline early on. The lightning-fast goals set the stage for India's determined performance throughout the game.

Mandeep and Abhishek Shine: Doubling India's Tally

Discover how Mandeep Singh and Abhishek played pivotal roles in securing a commanding lead for India.

The second quarter witnessed India's attacking prowess reaching new heights as Mandeep Singh exhibited his scoring prowess, adding two more goals to India's tally. His clinical finishing helped solidify India's lead, leaving Bangladesh astounded.

Abhishek's significant contribution also cannot be overlooked as he found the back of the net, further widening India's advantage on the scoreboard. Their prolific goalscoring combined with exceptional teamwork propelled India closer to victory.

Harmanpreet's Hat-trick and More: India's Third Quarter Dominance

Delve into Harmanpreet's remarkable hat-trick in the third quarter and India's consistent goal-scoring spree.

India's prowess continued in the third quarter as Harmanpreet Singh once again showcased his penalty corner expertise, securing his third goal and completing a memorable hat-trick. With each goal, India's stranglehold on the game intensified.

An Unmatchable Show of Domination

India witnessed an unstoppable rhythm as the goals kept coming in the third quarter. Bangladesh had no reply to the precision passing, agile movement, and exceptional goal-scoring ability of the Indian team. The seamless coordination and motivation among the players led to a remarkable performance that pushed India on their quest to reach the semifinals.

Magnificent Mandeep: Completing the Hat-trick in the Last Quarter

Witness Mandeep Singh attaining his hat-trick in the final quarter and India's relentless pursuit of victory.

Mandeep Singh proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the nail-biting final quarter. His exceptional skills enabled him to attain his emphatic hattrick, leaving no room for doubt about his prowess as a goal-scorer.

The Path to the Semifinals

India's incredible teamwork throughout the match cemented their place in the semifinals. With a staggering lead secured, they confidently celebrated their comprehensive victory. This phenomenal triumph catapulted them into the next round of the Asian Games hockey tournament where they aim to bring home the gold medal.

Enter the Asian Games Semifinals

Get a glimpse of India's path to the semifinals and the thrill that awaits in the upcoming Asian Games matches.

India's journey in the Asian Games has been full of excitement and remarkable achievements. Their unbeaten streak and exceptional performance have propelled them to the highly anticipated semifinals of the tournament.

An Epic Battle Awaits

The semifinals bring with them heightened anticipation as India faces off against formidable opponents in pursuit of their goal. With their exceptional skills and unwavering determination, the Indian hockey team promises a gripping clash that is sure to enthrall fans worldwide.


In conclusion, India's performance against Bangladesh in the Asian Games men's hockey match was a showcase of their dominance in the tournament. Led by the exceptional skills and leadership of Harmanpreet Singh, India secured a resounding 12-0 victory. The team displayed exceptional teamwork, precision passing, and clinical finishing throughout the game, leaving no doubt about their deserved spot in the semifinals. India's journey in the Asian Games thus far has been remarkable, and they continue to impress with their impeccable performance. The upcoming matches promise to deliver even more thrilling hockey action, and fans can look forward to seeing India battle it out for the coveted gold medal.

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