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EA Sports FC, the rebranded version of the FIFA series, brings a host of improvements that make it a solid game for soccer enthusiasts. With enhanced gameplay, exciting updates in Ultimate Team, and the integration of women players, this game offers a realistic and immersive soccer experience.

Enhanced Gameplay: A More Realistic Soccer Experience

Experience the improvements in gameplay that make EA Sports FC more realistic and immersive.

The gameplay in EA Sports FC has undergone significant enhancements, resulting in a more realistic and immersive soccer experience. One of the notable changes is the feel of the ball, which now offers a loose and unpredictable nature. This adds an element of controlled chaos to matches, making them more true to life and exciting.

The animations in the game have also been improved, with players' movements becoming more fluid and realistic. Whether it's the way Erling Haaland acrobatically snatches the ball out of the air or Liverpool's Darwin Nunez sprinting like a gazelle, the player movements closely resemble their real-life counterparts. Even the kits and stadiums have been updated, adding to the overall authenticity of the game.

Additionally, the pace of the game has become more methodical, allowing star players to stand out and showcase their skills. The controlled chaos of loose-ball situations adds to the storylines of matches, creating memorable moments for players.

Exciting Updates in Ultimate Team: A Satisfying Squad Overhaul

Discover the meaningful changes in Ultimate Team that make squad management more satisfying.

Ultimate Team, the popular mode in EA Sports FC, has received a range of exciting updates that offer a satisfying squad overhaul. One of the most significant additions is the integration of women players, making the mode more inclusive and diverse.

The addition of women players has reinvigorated interest in Ultimate Team, allowing players to form teams with their favorite female soccer stars. The gameplay with women players feels seamless, and their unique abilities and skills make them a valuable addition to any squad.

Another notable update is the introduction of UT Evolutions, which allows players to upgrade their favorite players' skills, traits, and proficiency with their weaker foot. This adds a new layer of customization and strategy to the mode, making it even more engaging and competitive.

However, it's worth noting that some aspects of Ultimate Team, such as the presence of microtransactions, can be frustrating for players. The reliance on in-game coins or real money to access certain features or upgrades can create an imbalance in the game and may hinder the progress of players who choose not to spend additional money.

Manager and Player Career Modes: Welcome Updates

Explore the smaller yet meaningful updates in the manager and player career modes of EA Sports FC.

The manager and player career modes in EA Sports FC have received welcome updates, although they may not be as extensive as the changes in Ultimate Team. In the manager mode, players now have the ability to hire coaches who specialize in specific tactical visions, enhancing their team's performance in certain areas of the game.

While this feature adds a new layer of depth to the manager mode, some players may find it lacking in terms of overall engagement. The simulated games may not always reflect the impact of tactical decisions, which can make the experience feel flat and less meaningful.

The player career mode, on the other hand, offers players the opportunity to upgrade their avatars with the new PlayStyles feature. This allows them to customize their player's abilities and turn them into a superstar on the field. However, similar to the manager mode, the player career mode may not offer enough long-term engagement to hold players' interest beyond a few seasons.

Volta: A Forgettable Diversion

Learn about Volta, the arcade version of soccer in EA Sports FC, and why it may not live up to expectations.

Volta, the arcade version of soccer in EA Sports FC, fails to capture the excitement and control of the real thing. While playing futsal and street soccer can be enjoyable, the gameplay in Volta feels messy and unbalanced, with uneven power-ups that can disrupt the flow of the game.

One of the main drawbacks of Volta is its focus on avatar customization and leveling, which can quickly devolve into simply running fast and scoring unrealistic goals. The lack of control and pace, compared to the main gameplay modes, makes Volta a forgettable diversion for many players.

Despite the shortcomings of Volta, the other modes in EA Sports FC offer a solid and engaging soccer experience. With improved gameplay, exciting updates in Ultimate Team, and meaningful changes in career modes, the game provides hours of entertainment for soccer enthusiasts.


EA Sports FC, the rebranded version of the FIFA series, offers a solid and engaging soccer experience for players. With enhanced gameplay that feels more realistic and purposeful, exciting updates in Ultimate Team including the integration of women players, and welcome improvements in the manager and player career modes, the game has a lot to offer to soccer enthusiasts.

While Volta may not live up to expectations as an arcade version of soccer, the overall package of EA Sports FC is a worthy choice for fans of the sport. The game's visual improvements, fluid animations, and authentic stadiums and crowds add to the immersion, creating an enjoyable gaming experience.

Whether you're looking to build your dream squad in Ultimate Team, guide a team to success in the manager mode, or experience the journey of a player in the career mode, EA Sports FC delivers on multiple fronts. While there are areas for improvement, such as the reliance on microtransactions in Ultimate Team, the game remains the best option for soccer gaming enthusiasts.


Is EA Sports FC better than the FIFA series?

EA Sports FC offers improvements and updates over the FIFA series, making it a solid choice for soccer gaming enthusiasts.

Are the updates in Ultimate Team worth it?

The updates in Ultimate Team, including the integration of women players and the UT Evolutions feature, bring new excitement and customization options to the mode, making it worth exploring.

Is Volta mode enjoyable?

While Volta mode may not live up to expectations, the other modes in EA Sports FC offer a more satisfying and realistic soccer experience.

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