As Buzz Surrounding Starfield Wanes Todd Howard Says Starfield is a Game Designed to be 'Played for a Long Time' - FandomWire

Discover what Todd Howard, director of Starfield, has to say about the game's lifespan. Howard explains why Starfield was intentionally created to provide a long-lasting gaming experience. Additionally, he reveals Bethesda's plans for post-launch content to keep players engaged for years to come.

Starfield: Designed for Longevity

Find out why Todd Howard intentionally created Starfield to be played for a long time.

In an exclusive interview, Todd Howard, Starfield director, shared insights into the game's development process and the intention behind its longevity. Drawing from the success of previous Bethesda titles like Skyrim and Fallout, Howard explained that players have shown a desire for extended playtime, enriching their gaming experience and exploring vast virtual worlds.

By shaping Starfield to meet this demand, Howard, accompanied by his 25 years of experience in the gaming industry, embarked on the creation of a space epic tailored to provide countless hours of captivating gameplay.

Post-Launch Content: A Vision for the Future

Discover Bethesda's plans for enriching Starfield with exciting post-launch content.

Todd Howard further unveiled Bethesda's forward-thinking strategy to meet players' evolving expectations. With extensive experience in delivering post-launch content through DLCs, Bethesda intends to expand and enhance the Starfield universe with engaging updates over the years.

As players invest themselves in the expansive world of Starfield — potentially spanning months, years, or even longer — Bethesda will embrace the players' desire for ongoing exploration and ensure there is always something new to discover.


In conclusion, Starfield is a game designed to provide a long-lasting and immersive experience for players. With Todd Howard's insights into player behavior and an understanding of their desire for extended gameplay, Starfield delivers a vast world filled with exploration and possibilities.

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