"A Simplistic Introduction To The World of Monster Hunter" - Monster Hunter Now Review

Monster Hunter Now brings the thrill of monster hunting to your mobile device, courtesy of Niantic and Capcom. Designed with accessibility in mind, this adaptation is perfect for newcomers to the franchise. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of Monster Hunter Now, its gameplay mechanics, and its potential for future updates.

Perfect For Beginners, But Lacking Some Key Aspects

A simplified adventure for newcomers to the franchise, but might disappoint veteran players.

Monster Hunter Now provides a refreshing entry point for those new to the franchise. With straightforward gameplay mechanics and intuitive controls, beginners can easily immerse themselves in this world of monster hunting.

However, veteran fans familiar with the complex nature of the classic Monster Hunter games may find Monster Hunter Now lacking in depth and complexity. It's important to acknowledge that the simplified approach can be both a pro and a con for different types of players.

A Solid Start With More To Come

Niantic's faithful adaptation captures the essence of Monster Hunter.

One of the impressive aspects of Monster Hunter Now is how faithfully it captures the essence of the beloved franchise. The visuals, audio, and overall design pay homage to Monster Hunter, creating a familiar and authentic experience for players.

Moreover, the option to team up with friends for cooperative gameplay harkens back to the classic Monster Hunter days, adding a sense of camaraderie and teamwork to the mobile adaptation. While combat is simplified for mobile play, each monster's unique attributes present different challenges, promising the potential for exciting and engaging encounters as updates and new content are introduced.

Microtransactions Aren't A Problem, For Now

A relieving absence of intrusive microtransactions that don't hinder progress.

When it comes to mobile games, the presence of microtransactions can often be a concern for players. However, Monster Hunter Now offers a breath of fresh air with its approach to in-app purchases. Current gameplay experience suggests that microtransactions are not necessary for progression, allowing players to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to spend real-world money.

This absence of intrusive paywalls alleviates one potential headache for players who want to experience an immersive gaming experience from the get-go while maintaining an appropriate level of challenge and satisfaction. 


In conclusion, Monster Hunter Now offers a mobile adaptation of the beloved monster hunting franchise that caters to newcomers. With simplified gameplay and accessible mechanics, this mobile game provides an opportunity for beginners to dive into the world of Monster Hunter.

However, veteran fans may find the simplified nature of Monster Hunter Now lacking in the complexity and depth that they have come to love in the classic games. The absence of intrusive microtransactions at the current stage is a positive aspect, allowing players to enjoy the game without feeling pressured to spend real money.

Overall, Monster Hunter Now provides a solid start with its faithful adaptation and potential for future updates. Despite some limitations, it presents an enjoyable experience for those looking for a more casual and accessible entry into the Monster Hunter series.

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