6 Japanese Franchises That Started On PC

Embark on a captivating exploration of the origins of renowned Japanese game franchises that first flourished in the realm of PC gaming. Discover the intriguing evolution of beloved classics such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear, witnessing how these iconic series transformed from niche PC exclusives to global console phenomena.

Dragon Slayer/The Legend Of Heroes

Explore the rich history of the Dragon Slayer and The Legend of Heroes franchises, showcasing their origins as PC exclusives and evolution into multi-platform classics.

Delve into the captivating world of Dragon Slayer and The Legend of Heroes franchises, tracing their roots back to the world of PC gaming. The Dragon Slayer series first emerged as a PC-exclusive title in 1984 with its debut on the Japanese PC-8801 systems. The Legend of Heroes, a spinoff series, later emerged from this iconic lineage. Both series underwent significant transformations, transitioning from popular PC exclusives to multi-platform sensations.

Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes, the progenitor of an entire saga, initially soared in the realm of PC gaming during its release in 1989. Over the past decade, the franchise has expanded to embrace a simultaneous launch across PC and gaming consoles, delighting players internationally.

Discover the intricate storylines and immersive role-playing experiences that originally captivated Japanese audiences on PC platforms, and witness how these franchises cast their enchanting spell on a wider console audience over time.

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms

Uncover the captivating beginnings of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, tracing its inception as a PC gaming sensation and subsequent expansion into consoles.

Dive into the richly detailed universe of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series and unravel its origin story as a PC-gaming exclusive. First captivating players on their PCs in 1985 on the PC-88 systems in Japan, the series soon found its way onto the NES console in 1988, kickstarting its Evolution into a charming and expansive gaming franchise.

Tracing the historic conflicts and power struggles of ancient Chinese folklore, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms franchise mesmerizes audiences with its enthralling gameplay and immersive storytelling. From simultaneous releases on PCs and consoles in 2016, this iconic series has continued to cast its spell on gamers worldwide.

RPG Maker

Unleash your creativity with a vivid exploration of RPG Maker, uncovering its origin as a PC-exclusive game creation series and its foray into console gaming.

Step into the realm of game creation with RPG Maker and unearth its exclusive beginning as a PC-only series. Boasting its inception in 1992 with RPG Tsukuru Dante 98 on the PC 9801 platform, the franchise dazzles aspiring game developers with its extensive toolkit for crafting intricate RPG worlds. While predominantly a PC-exclusive series, RPG Maker broke boundaries with the release of RPG Maker MV for the PS4 and Switch in 2020, granting more gamers the chance to mold their immersive digital dreams.

Shin Megami Tensei

Unveil the birth of the immersive Shin Megami Tensei series, tracing its origins as a PC gaming gem before captivating console audiences across the globe.

Embark on a journey deep into the roots of the iconic Shin Megami Tensei series, an exceptional endeavor that marked its genesis as a little-known gem on the MSX computer in 1987. Ferociously captivating Japanese gamers, this elusive title reached the NES shortly after, gradually becoming a pinnacle of console RPGs.

Evoking alluring themes and exploring the multiverse of mythological narratives, Shin Megami Tensei continues to enchant avid players around the world. With its intricate blend of demon-befriending mechanics and a vast cultural tapestry, this beloved series perseveres as a testament to the enduring appeal and magnum opus of PC-to-console gaming discoveries.


Embark on an epic journey through the history of Ys, tracing its emergence as a PC-exclusive title and its eventual traversal into the realm of consoles.

Venture into the enchanting saga of Ys, an enduring series that emerged exclusively for PC platforms. The Ys legends were first woven within the intricacies of the Japanese PC-88 systems in 1987, with the mythos eventually expanding to the renowned NES in 1988.

The dynamic, action-packed gameplay and captivating narratives set within the Ys universe have garnered a devoted fan base worldwide. With sequels and remakes bouncing between PCs and consoles, the rise of Ys stands as a testament to the powerful allure and adaptability of PC-based franchises.


As we peel back the layers of gaming history, a remarkable trend emerges: the origins of iconic Japanese franchises often trace back to the world of PC gaming. These beloved series, such as Dragon Slayer, The Legend of Heroes, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, RPG Maker, Shin Megami Tensei, and Ys, began their journeys captivating audiences on PC platforms before expanding to conquer the realm of consoles.

From their humble PC-exclusive beginnings to their worldwide success across multiple platforms, these franchises showcase the extraordinary evolution and enduring legacy of gaming in Japan. Journey through their immersive worlds, where rich storytelling, intricate gameplay, and captivating narratives continue to captivate players around the globe.

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